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About the company

Citadel-Trade has been empowering traders’ success since 2011. Founded by highly experienced professionals with a strong background in Finance, Trading and Applied Mathematics, Citadel-trade grew to have one of the largest investing communities.

Citadel-trade is a consultancy and education platform that offers expert advice, financial market comments, various educational tools, and the best trading guidance.  We continually seek to improve and evolve our service in order to ensure that what we offer is far superior to anything else out on the market.

Our mission​

Our mission​

Our mission was then and it is still today to help people attain financial freedom by empowering their trading experience, providing all investment tools and making trading as easy as it gets.  We strive to fulfill our purpose by truly serving every member of our community. That’s why in all our work, we endeavor to follow the “Golden Rule” of treating others as we ourselves would wish to be treated. 

Our vision​

With many years of expertise, we have assembled a set of tools which combines our data and market research to help solve investors problems. These tools pave the way for our community of investors to reach their goals with confidence.

Our vision

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